The International Education Journal (IEJ): Comparative Perspectives. Volume 12. Number 1. 2013.
The International Education Journal (IEJ): Comparative Perspectives. Volume 12. Number 1. 2013.
Edited by Elizabeth Cassity and Laura Perry
ISSN: 1443-1475

IEJ: Comparative Perspectives is an international journal for advancing academic quality and rigor in comparative and international education research. It is the official journal of the Australia and New Zealand Comparative and International Education Society (ANZCIES). IEJ seeks to promote discussion of the relationships among educational policy and practice, theory, and cross-disciplinary global studies. A further intent is to integrate research findings from comparative, international, and global issues in education that place particular emphasis on cultural contexts.


  • Editorial, Juliana McLaughlin and Zane Ma Rhea
  • Professional education in postcolonial democracies: Indigenous rights, universities, and graduate attributes, Zane Ma Rhea
  • African indigenous knowledge systems and relevance of higher education in South Africa, Hassan O. Kaya and Yonah N. Seleti
  • Connecting indigenous Ainu, university and local industry in Japan: The Urespa Project, Koji Maeda and Kaori H. Okano
  • Working towards the assurance of graduate attributes for Indigenous cultural competency: The case for alignment between policy, professional development and curriculum processes, Veronica Goerke and Marion Kickett
  • Transformations from within: Rethinking Pacific Education Initiative. The development of a movement for social justice and equity, Unaisi Nabobo-Baba
  • Quality teachers for indigenous students: an imperative for the twenty-first century, Konai Helu Thaman
  • Indigenous teacher education as cultural brokerage: A university/First Nations partnership to prepare Nishnawbe Aski teachers, Julian Kitchen, John Hodson and Marg Raynor
  • Closing the gap: Using graduate attributes to improve Indigenous education, Peter J. Anderson and Bernadette Atkinson
  • They throw spears: Reconciliation through music, Jane Moore
  • "I can't believe I just said that": Using guided reflections with non-Indigenous pre-service teachers in Australia, Bruce Burnett, Jo Lampert and Karen Crilly
  • Desert harmony: Stories of collaboration between Indigenous musicians and university students, Brydie-Leigh Bartleet and Gavin Carfoot
  • Raising awareness of Australian Aboriginal peoples reality: Embedding Aboriginal knowledge in social work education through the use of field experiences, Deb Duthie, Julie King and Jenni Mays
  • Reflections on teaching a first-year Indigenous Australian studies subject Robyn Heckenberg and Andrew Gunstone
  • Towards growing I ndigenous culturally competent legal professionals in Australia, Marcelle Burns
  • 'Crack in the pavement': Pedagogy as political and moral practice for educating culturally competent professionals, Juliana McLaughlin