Sydney Law Review Volume 36 Issue 2, June 2014
Sydney Law Review Volume 36 Issue 2, June 2014
edited by Associate Professor Arlie Loughnan and Associate Professor Shae McCrystal
Law Publishing Unit, Sydney Law School
ISSN: 0082-0512

The Sydney Law Review, established in 1953, is a peer-reviewed journal of high repute, with a wide readership in Australia and internationally. It is published quarterly by the University of Sydney Law School.

The Review publishes articles, case notes and book reviews. Emphasising Australian law, the Review is committed to publishing articles that are comparative, topical and make an original contribution to legal scholarship.

The Sydney Law Review's 'Before the High Court' section is a forum for Australia's leading academics to comment upon cases that are currently awaiting hearing by the High Court of Australia.


Why Write Judgments? by Stephen Gageler

An Express Constitutional Right to Vote? The Case for Reviving Section 41 by Jonathan Crowe and Peta Stephenson

Strangulation, Domestic Violence and the Legal Response by Heather Douglas and Robin Fitzgerald

'Steering' Private Regulation? A New Strategy for Reducing Population Salt Intake in Australia by Roger Magnusson and Belinda Reeve

Valuable Learning, Unwelcome Assessment: What LLB and JD Students Really Think about Group Work by Alex Steel, Anna Huggins and Julian Laurens

Before the High Court

Honeysett v The Queen: Forensic Science, 'Specialised Knowledge' and the Uniform Evidence Law

by Gary Edmond and Mehera San Roque

Case Notes

Comcare v PVYW: Are Injuries Sustained While Having Sex on a Business Trip Compensable? by Eric L Windholz

What's in a Name? History, Language and 'Preference Shares' in Beck v Weinstock by Isabelle Whitehead

Book Review

Family Justice: The Work of Family Judges in Uncertain Times by Felicity Bell

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