Meditarch Supplement 5 (2002): Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates, Volume 1: Report on Excavations 1986-1996
Meditarch Supplement 5 (2002): Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates, Volume 1: Report on Excavations 1986-1996
Graeme Clarke et al.
Meditarch Publications
ISBN: 0958026505

The volume publishes areas of completed excavations and various categories of finds recovered over the first decade of excavations at this important Hellenistic site in North Syria. The 13 chapters include The North-West Tower, The Main Gate, The Governor's Palace (Connor and Clarke), The Western Cemetery and its Associated Grave Goods (Littleton, Frohlich and Jackson), Lamps (Jackson), Faunal Remains (Steele), Spindle-Whorls and Loomweights (Crewe), Glass and Personal Adornments (O'Hea), and The Coins (Nixon).

"This volume includes thoughtfully considered, well-written, and satisfyingly synthetic presentations on a broad selection of remains and artifacts ... This is a terrific report in all respects - a full, clear, and interesting view of real life in Seleucid Syria. The team's goal, as stated in Clarke's introduction, was 'to gain insight into the daily living of the inhabitants'. They have succeeded, and beautifully." (A. Berlin, Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 331, 2003, 88-91)

"The many authors involved in the work at Jebel Khalid should be proud of this first volume of excavation reports. They have provided a wide-ranging overview of the types of material discovered in excavation along with the questions that they raise. By doing so they allow the reader, whether a numismatist, pottery expert, ancient historian, or even an interested layman to get a much fuller picture of the site. The general high quality of the writing and the plates would make many chapters, if not the entire book, appropriate reading for an introductory course on archaeology at the university level." (O. Hoover, American Numismatic Society Magazine 2002, 46-50)

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