Meditarch Supplement 6 (2006): Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates, Volume 2: The Terracotta Figurines
Meditarch Supplement 6 (2006): Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates, Volume 2: The Terracotta Figurines
Heather Jackson
Meditarch Publications
ISBN: 9780958026529

The volume publishes over 400 terracotta figurines uncovered during excavations at Hellenistic Jebel Khalid during 17 years of work at this important site.

"Jackson's skilful organization and analysis yield extremely interesting results. The black-and-white plates provide excellent, mainly 1:1 illustrations of every figure, supplemented by seven colour plates that are invaluable both for giving an idea of the range of clays used, and, simply because they are in colour, for bringing the material more vividly before us. Unusually for a terracotta publication there are drawings of the majority of the pieces. These show, as photographs can rarely do, the thickness of the wall of each figurine, but they also provide an interesting comparison with the photographs as the two media give very different impressions of the same piece and really need to be used together to illuminate complementary aspects of modeling and technique. In short, both for its factual and objective presentation of a new body of material and for the searching and far-reaching issues that it addresses, this volume should be useful both to students of terracottas and to anyone with a wider interest in the lives and day-to-day concerns of the inhabitants of one of the remoter areas of the Hellenistic world." (L. Burn, The Classical Review 59, 2009, 249-50)

"The typological discussion is comprehensive and valuable and the thorough investigation of small and sometimes indistinct fragments is remarkable. The discussion of Oriental types is excellent. The questions regarding gender/ethnicity and space are illuminating. The book is fluent and clear. It is an important study exposing a relatively unknown region and subject." (A. Erlich, American Journal of Archaeology 113, 2009, 143-4)

Dr Heather Jackson FSA, is a Senior Research Associate, University of Melbourne

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hardcover, 268pp, 8 col plates, 44 b/w plates

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