Meditarch Supplement 7 (2011): Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates, Volume 3: The Pottery
Meditarch Supplement 7 (2011): Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates, Volume 3: The Pottery
Heather Jackson and John Tidmarsh
Meditarch Publications
ISBN: 9780958026536

This volume presents and analyses the 11 tonnes of plain-ware pottery from the Housing Insula (Heather Jackson), as well as all the imported wares (John Tidmarsh and HeatherJackson) from throughout Jebel Khalid, on the Syrian Euphrates, excavated over the two decades 1986–2006.

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  • Hardcover
  • 586pp
  • 4 colour plates
  • 36 b&w plates

“This is important material, a very large ceramic corpus meticulously excavated from a site where Greek and eastern culture came into direct contact, and among the very few Hellenistic sites in Syria (perhaps one could say the only such site) to receive such thorough study. The monograph goes beyond mere classification to draw conclusions about the lifestyles of the inhabitants of Jebel Khalid. It makes an extremely important contribution to the study of the material culture and history of the Hellenistic East.”

— Professor Susan Rotroff, Washington University in St. Louis


“This is the first systematic presentation of such scientific analyses ever for this broad region, and as such will be a crucial piece in disentangling the network of exchange and economic interaction here. This is information that will make an enormous difference not only in our current understanding but to all future researchers in the eastern Mediterranean. This is a terrific report in all respects. Years of excavation and rigorous study have provided a full, clear, and interesting view of real life – both upstairs, in the governor’s palace, and downstairs, in the domestic quarter – during the Hellenistic age.”

— Professor Andrea Berlin, Boston University

About the authors

Dr Heather Jackson, FSA, is a Senior Research Associate, University of Melbourne.

Dr John Tidmarsh, University of Sydney, is a specialist in the Hellenistic period, with extensive archaeological experience especially at Pella in Jordan and Jebel Khalid in Syria.


Review by Andrea M. Berlin in Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2010.09.38:

“Jackson and Tidmarsh provide a clear and full picture of the material correlates of life in a provincial city of the Seleucid empire. It is not a volume of answers but something much better: a volume of testimony, painstakingly gathered, studied, defined and described, filled with information and ideas that can inspire and help address a host of questions. Historians of the Hellenistic world, take note.”

Review by J. A. Baird in Journal of Roman Archaeology, January 2015:

“Jebel Khalid … has not slotted easily into existing historical narratives – but, following two decades of excavation by an Australian team, a variety of evidence has been unearthed. The site is an important one, particularly as it is usually presumed to represent a Hellenistic settlement unmarred by later occupation. We must be grateful for this publication: not only does it publish part of an important corpus of data, making accessible the work from 1986 to 2006, but it also makes available a part of the ancient world which is unlikely to be accessible to foreign archaeologists for some time.”

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