Meditarch Supplement 1 (1990): EUMOUSIA. Ceramic and Iconographic Studies in Honour of Alexander Cambitoglou
Meditarch Supplement 1 (1990): EUMOUSIA. Ceramic and Iconographic Studies in Honour of Alexander Cambitoglou
Edited by Jean-Paul Descoeudres
Meditarch Publications
ISBN: 7383820938

hardcover, 278pp, 51 plates

  • George S. Korrés, Excavations in the Region of Pylos
  • John K. Papodopoulos, Protogeometric Birds from Torone
  • J. N. Coldstream, Cycladic and Euboean Imports in the North Cemetery of Knossos
  • K. A. Sheedy, Attic and Atticizing Pottery in the Cyclades during the Eighth Century BC
  • J. R. Green, Zagora - Population Increase and Society in the Later Eighth Century BC
  • Paul Courbin, La baie de Skardhana à Délos
  • R. M. Cook, A Wild Goat Oinochoe in Laon
  • John Boardman, The Greek Art of Narrative
  • Martin Robertson, Troilos and Polyxene: Notes on a Changing Legend
  • Peter Connor, Three Attic Black-figured Neck Amphorae in a Melbourne Private Collection
  • I. Vokotopoulou, Polychrono: A new Archaeological Site in Chalkidike
  • Eva C. Keuls, Clytemnestra and Telephus in Greek Vase-painting
  • Ann Harnwell Ashmead, A Lekythos by the Pan Painter at Haverford College: Bread and Soup for Dinner?
  • D. C. Kurtz, The Achilles Painter's Early White Lekythoi
  • Lilly Kahil, Le relief des dieux du sanctuarie d'Artémis à Brauron: essai d'interprétation
  • M. Tiberios, Apharetides - Tyndarides
  • Ian McPhee and Elizabeth Pemberton, Aphrodite on the Swan: A Red-figure Vase in Avellino
  • Spyros Iakovidis, The Hellenistic Pottery of Gla
  • N. Yalouris, The Shipwreck of Antikythera
  • Veronika Mitsopoulos-Leon, Bronzekästchen für Artemis
  • J. G. Szilagyi, Campano-Corinthian Figured Vase-painting: The Pontecagnano School
  • R. Ross Holloway, The Geography of the Southern Sicels
  • C. W. Dearden, Epicharmus, Phylax, and Sicilian Comedy
  • Ettore M. De Juliis, Ceramica di tradizione indigena e di derivazione greca nella Puglia preromana
  • Gianna Dareggi, Dedica ad Hera su di un frammento ceramico a figure nere nel Museo di Baranello
  • E. G. D. Robinson, Workshops of Apulian Red-Figure Outside Taranto
  • Hélène Cassimatis, Propos sur le calathos dans la céramique italoite
  • Anneliese Kossatz-Deissmann, Die Übergabe des Dionysoskindes in der unteritalischen Vasenmalerei
  • Arthur Dale Trendall, Two Bell-kraters in Melbourne by the Tarporley Painter
  • Erika Simon, Westgriechische Karpologien
  • Margot Schmidt, Lydische Harmonie
  • David Ridgeway, Two Menzies Vases in Scotland
  • Jacques Chamay, L'anodos d'Hélène
  • Konrad Schauenburg, Bärtige Sphinx aus Apulien
  • Robert Hannah, The Persia-Apulia Link
  • Maurizio Harari, Ceramiche Volterrane a Spina: per un'interpretazione storica
  • C. C. Vermeule, From Tarentum to troy and on to Tunisi: Homeric Survivlas in the Hellenistic and Roman Worlds

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