Meditarch Supplement 9 (2014): Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates, Volume 4: The Housing Insula
Meditarch Supplement 9 (2014): Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates, Volume 4: The Housing Insula
Heather Jackson
Meditarch Publications
ISBN: 9780958026550

Heather Jackson is a highly skilled and indefatigable field archaeologist, having successfully led a large excavation team for some 15 years on an insula of domestic houses at Jebel Khalid in North Syria.

This painstaking field-work has resulted in Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates, Vol. IV: The Housing Insula, which analyses seven complete Hellenistic houses, discusses the function of each room and draws inferences about the lives of the people who lived there and the world they lived in. An accompanying DVD, compiled by John Burke, provides summary tables, additional drawings and photographs, and details of some 6,300 artifacts, most with illustrations, which can be browsed through a user-friendly custom search engine.

As one of the Readers for the press reports: "This is a monumental piece of archaeological documentation both in terms of the amount of labour that lies behind it and in the quality of the manuscript itself. It surely ranks among the most comprehensive reports, if not the most comprehensive, on household archaeology from the Hellenistic world to date. In addition, because the domestic architecture and material culture assemblages from Jebel Khalid straddle the Hellenic and Near Eastern cultural spheres, it is profoundly important as an account of Hellenistic syncretism at the household level. Jebel Khalid IV stands as a model site report for household archaeology, thanks to...[the] wide-ranging coverage from chronology to stratigraphy, formation processes, recovery, recording, and the methodology employed for analysis...[The] recovery and inclusion of floral and faunal data in the report is especially welcome..." [Bradley Ault, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, 22 April, 2012]

Dr Heather Jackson, FSA, is a Senior Research Associate, University of Melbourne.

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Hardcover, 676 pp, 484 figures, 1 cd, 5 folding plans

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