The state of the art: teaching drama in the 21st century
The state of the art: teaching drama in the 21st century
Edited by Michael Anderson and Colleen Roche
Sydney University Press
ISBN: 9781743320273

The state of the art: teaching drama in the 21st century presents cutting-edge scholarship from leading drama education in New South Wales. This collection features discussions that are directly relevant to drama teachers in primary and secondary schools, artists and theatre makers, drama education researchers and those interested in the relevance of arts and drama education in reforming the curriculum. The book reminds of the connection between practice and research in drama education, and reflects changes in curriculum and new areas of research on:

  • playwriting
  • improvisation and play building
  • young people as audiences
  • technology and drama education
  • dialogue in drama education
  • the opportunities for drama as a curriculum change event

The scholarship assembled here reflects some of the best and most insightful reflections on how research can directly inform the transformation of learning and teaching

About the editors

Dr Michael Anderson is an associate professor in the Faculty of Education and Social Work at The University of Sydney. His research and teaching concentrates on how arts educators begin, evolve and achieve growth in their careers and how students engage with arts and technology to learn and create in arts education. He is the author of several books on drama, education and creativity.

Colleen Roche is the President of Drama Australia, former president of Drama New South Wales and head of drama at Abbotsleigh in Sydney. She has worked as a creative arts consultant for the NSW Department of Education and Training. She is a highly experienced and well-regarded expert in drama, education and curriculum nationally and internationally.