Sydney Law Review Volume 37 Issue 1, March 2015
Sydney Law Review Volume 37 Issue 1, March 2015
edited by Associate Professor Arlie Loughnan and Associate Professor Shae McCrystal
Law Publishing Unit, Sydney Law School
ISSN: 0082-0512

The Sydney Law Review, established in 1953, is a peer-reviewed journal of high repute, with a wide readership in Australia and internationally. It is published quarterly by the University of Sydney Law School.

The Review publishes articles, case notes and book reviews. Emphasising Australian law, the Review is committed to publishing articles that are comparative, topical and make an original contribution to legal scholarship.

The Sydney Law Review's 'Before the High Court' section is a forum for Australia's leading academics to comment upon cases that are currently awaiting hearing by the High Court of Australia.


Public Intoxication in NSW: The Contours of Criminalisation by Luke McNamara and Julia Quilter

Evaluating Creeping Acquisitions by Raymond da Silva Rosa, Michael Kingsbury and David Yermack

Sorting It Out: A Community Mediation Training Program at a Therapeutic Prison by Nicky McWilliam, Olav Nielssen and Jane Moore

X7, Lee, and Chancery's Treatment of Self-Incrimination in Insolvency Examination by Stephen Lloyd

Conferred Authority Strict Liability and Institutional Child Sexual Abuse by Christine Beuermann

Before the High Court

D'Arcy v Myriad Genetics Inc: Patenting Genes in Australia by Brad Sherman


Two Steps Back: The Presumption of Innocence and Changes to the Bail Act 2013 (NSW) by Prajesh Shrestha

Book Review

Commercial Trusts by M Scott Donald

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