Current Issues in Criminal Justice Volume 26 Number 3, March 2015
Current Issues in Criminal Justice Volume 26 Number 3, March 2015
Editor: Associate Professor Murray Lee
Institute of Criminology Press
ISSN: 1034-5329

Current Issues in Criminal Justice is the major Australian journal on criminal justice. Contributors include academics, researchers and professionals, who provide expert analysis of the many aspects of criminal justice. The journal covers national and international issues, and has subscribers from many different countries and disciplines.


Criminality, Interpersonal Proximity and the Stop-Snitching Code: An Examination of Offender and Non-Offender Perceptions by Steven Downing and Bobby Copeland

Riotous or Righteous Behaviour? Representations of Subaltern Resistance in the Australian Mainstream Media by Amanda Porter

Normalising and Neutralising Offending - The Influence of Health and Safety Regulation by Emily Schindeler and Janet Ransley

The Money Problem: Reparation and Restorative Justice in the Catholic Church's Towards Healing Program by Kate Gleeson

Contemporary Comments

Evaluating Towards Healing as an Alternative to Litigation as Redress for Survivors of Clerical Child Sexual Abuse by Timothy Matthews

Book Reviews

Inside Immigration Detention by Mary Bosworth Review by Claire Loughnan

Perpetrators and Accessories in International Criminal Law: Individual Modes of Responsibility for Collective Crimes by Neha Jain Review by Arlie Loughnan

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