Mediterranean Archaeology (Meditarch) Volume 25 (2012)
Mediterranean Archaeology (Meditarch) Volume 25 (2012)
Edited by Jean-Paul Descoeudres and Stavros A. Paspalas
Meditarch Publications
ISBN: 1030-8482

Zagora in Context. Settlement and Intercommunal Links in the Geometric Period (900-700 BC). Proceedings of the Zagora Conference held by the AAIA, Athens May 2012.

376pp, 40 plates

  • Alexandros P. Gounaris, Zagora: the 'Harvest'. The contribution of Zagora to the study of the built environment of the Geometric period
  • Catherine Morgan, Setting Zagora in Context
  • Lesley A. Beaumont et al., New Investigations at Zagora: the Zagora Archaeological Project 2012
  • Stavros A. Paspalas, Painted Coarse-ware from Zagora
  • Christina A. Televantou, Hypsele on Andros: the Geometric Phase
  • Demetrius Schilardi, Koukounaries of Paros and Zagora of Andros. Observations on the history of two contemporary communities
  • Susan Langdon, Seeking Social Life in the Early Iron Age Cyclades
  • Alexander Mazarakis Ainian, The Domestic and Sacred Space of Zagora in the Context of the South Euboean Gulf
  • Vicky Vlachou, Figurative Pottery from Oropos and Zagora: a Comparative Analysis
  • Jean-Sébastien Gros, Les pithoi. Notes sur le stockage et l'économie domestique dans le monde grec du début de l'Age du Fer
  • Irene S. Lemos, The Missing Dead: Late Geometric Burials at Lefkandi
  • Ian K. Whitbread and Antonia Livieratou, Early Iron Age Coarse-ware Pottery in Context. New finds from the settlement of Xeropolis at Lefkandi
  • Samuel Verdan, Geometric Eretria: Some Thoughts on Old Data
  • Jan Paul Crielaard, The Early Iron Age Sanctuary and Settlement at Karystos-Plakari
  • Donald C. Haggis, The Structuring of Urban Space in Archaic Crete: an Example of Settlement Development from the Early Iron Age to Archaic Periods
  • Nota Kourou, Cypriots and Levantines in the Central Aegean During the Geometric Period: the Nature of Contacts
  • Barbara Leone, A Trade Route between Euboea and the Northern Aegean
  • Antonis Kotsonas, What Makes a Euboean Colony or Trading Station? Zagora in the Cyclades, Methone in the Thermaic Gulf, and Aegean networks in the 8th century BC
  • Jacques Y. Perreault and Zisis Bonias, After Zagora - Andrian Colonization in the Northern Aegean: the Case of Argilos
  • Michalis A. Tiverios, Andros and Its Colonies
  • Francesca Mermati, Osservazioni sulla costruzione dell'identitŕ coloniale tra Pithekoussai e Cuma
  • Maria Costanza Lentini, Recent Investigation of the Early Settlement Levels at Sicilian Naxos