The Journal of The Oriental Society of Australia. Volume 46, 2014
The Journal of The Oriental Society of Australia. Volume 46, 2014
Editor Rosita Holenbergh
The Oriental Society of Australia
ISSN: 0030-5340

The Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia (JOSA) has been published annually since 1960 out of what is now the School of Languages & Cultures at the University of Sydney. A peer-reviewed journal, it carries papers in a range of disciplines, including literature, history, linguistics, archaeology, media, philosophy and politics, as well as substantial book reviews. Initially concentrated on China and Japan, in recent years its regional cover has expanded to include Korea, India, Tibet and South-East Asia.


In Memoriam - Pierre Ryckmans Jocelyn Chey

A. R. Davis Memorial Lecture, 2013. Reflections in Islamic Thought over the Ages Jamila Hussain

A. R. Davis Memorial Lecture, 2014. Biography vs Autobiography of Chinese Women: Or, Archaeology vs Genealogy Lily Xiao Hong Lee

Southern Culture and the North/South Divide: More Than a Metaphor Michael Paton and Zhang Chengmin

Culture and Diplomacy: The Case of Taiwan Jocelyn Chey

Australia in the Asian Century: The Fate of Australia?s ?New? National Cultural Policy Roman Rosenbaum

China?s Ruling Class under Market Socialism: The Limits to Social Pluralism David S. G. Goodman

Global Power Shift: A USA-Japan-Australia-India Nuclear Chain Adam Broinowski

Book Reviews

Emperor Huizong, by Patricia Buckley Ebrey Kerry Brown

Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography, ed. Kerry Brown Edmund Capon

Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women, ed. Lily Xiao Hong Lee and A. D. Stefanowska Rafe de Crespigny

Willow Catkins: Festschrift for Dr Lily Xiao Hong Lee on the Occasion of Her 75th Birthday, ed. Shirley Chan, Barbara Hendrischke and Sue Wiles Amelia Ying Qin

Shishuo xinyu zhengti yanjiu (An integrated study of Shishuo xinyu), by Lily Xiao Hong Lee Amelia Ying Qin

The Journal of Wu Yubi: The Path to Sagehood, trans. M. Theresa Kelleher Sue Wiles

Cyber Policy in China, by Greg Austin Roman Rosenbaum

Translation Zones in Modern China: Authoritarian Command versus Gift Exchange, by Bonnie McDougall Qian Yan

Consuming Literature: Best Sellers and the Commercialization of Literary Production in Contemporary China, by Shuyu Kong Mabel Lee

Charming Beauties and Frightful Beasts: Non Human Animals in South Asian Myth, Ritual and Folklore, ed. Fabrizio M. Ferrari and Thomas Dähnhardt Jennifer Cover

A History of the Vietnamese, by K. W. Taylor Bernice Lee

Burma?s Economy in the Twentieth Century, by Ian Brown Trevor Wilson

Henry Black: On Stage in Meiji Japan, by Ian McArthur Hugh Clarke