About Performance 13: The Lives of Actors
About Performance 13: The Lives of Actors
Editors: Ian Maxwell, Mark Seton and Marianna Szabó
University of Sydney Dept of Performance Studies
ISSN: 1324-6089

Issue No. 13 (2015): The Lives of Actors, issue editors Ian Maxwell, Mark Seton and Marianna Szabó

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What are actors' lives like? What kinds of experiences, over the course of a career, do actors have? How does their training prepare them both for the work they will find, and for the lives that they will lead as they pursue that work? What problems confront actors? What kinds of lives do they lead?

This issue of About Performance presents a collection of essays addressing the lives of actors, drawing upon a range of disciplinary perspectives and genres of writing, from a photo-essay exploring the day-to-day experiences of actors in New York to work drawing upon auto-ethnography, clinical psychology, qualitative and quantitative methodologies, biographical and archival research.


  • "Introduction" Mark Seton, Ian Maxwell and Marianna Szabó
  • "Waiting to be Seen: A Photographic Exploration of New York City Actors" Ashley Marinaccio
  • "Feudal Positions and the Pathology of Contentment: Sites of Disconnection for Australian Theatre Actors" Terence Crawford
  • "'Being inside the story': A Phenomenology of Onstage Experience and the Implications of Flow" Alison Robb and Matthew Davies
  • "The Australian Actors' Wellbeing Study: A Preliminary Report" Ian Maxwell, Mark Seton and Marianna Szabó
  • "The Academic Lives of Student Actors: Conservatoire Training as Degree-Level Study" Chris Hay and Robin Dixon
  • "The Body That Fits the Bill: Physical Capital and 'Crises' of the Body in Actor Training" Roanna Mitchell
  • "Mourning Becomes Catharsis: An Autoethnographic Account" Cheryl McFarren
  • "The Monster Under The Bed: Acting and Trauma in The Rabble's Story of O and Frankenstein" Jane Montgomery Griffiths
  • "'Dropping a part': The Changing Relationship of Midlife Actors with their Profession" Felix Nobis
  • "Portraits of Actors: Elspeth Ballantyne, Julia Blake and the Problems of Biography" Anne Pender